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A Touching Letter from a Southwest Collision Customer

Customer Care Above and Beyond

Our crew at Southwest Collision and Care Care Center has always put the needs of our customers first. We believe in superior customer service and quality collision repair. We work for our customers, not the insurance companies. By doing so, we are able to meet the needs of each person that comes through our door. Recently, we received a very sincere thank you letter from a collision repair customer who couldn’t have been happier, and well.. that make’s us very happy! Read the full letter below.

Customer Testimonial:

March 13, 20 I 7

George Galowicz
Southwest Collision & Auto Care
622 South Hacienda Dr.
Tempe AZ 85281


Dear George,

I am stunned by how far your crew went “above & beyond the call of duty”, to not only restore our very old (Y2k) BMW, to almost ‘showroom shape’, (‘touching up’ some old minor scratches), but helping us through the gut wrenching ordeal Marie & I experienced with our insurance company, California Casualty (CC). They wanted to simply ‘”wham­bam” ‘total’ the car, by attaching a ridiculously low value (- $4,600) to our beloved vehicle, & stating it would take that much to fix it.

CC literally put us through hell for 3 weeks, to the point I thought I might have a heart attack from the stress. But your service advisor Chris Hansen was a champ, & coached me through the ordeal. He kept me calm, even when I once got very upset with him,
(completely the fault of CC, & me). CC eventually raised the BMW’s appraised value by more than $3,000; more than enough to get the car fixed, vs. ‘totaled’.

It gets better: The reason the car was damaged in the first place was because I ignored some loose lug bolts for a few days. That was 100% my fault: after doing a massive amount of repairs to the car with the help of a friend, (who’s a great mechanic), I failed to tighten the lug bolts on the left front wheel, & thought the ‘wobble’ was not serious enough to cause immediate alarm …. “I’ll check it in a day or 2.” Yup, I was an idiot.

A few days later, on 1/23, we took both our cars out to use our ‘Fuel Points’, just 2 miles away. My next chore was to simply return home & check out the ‘wobble’. Just 2 more miles. As life goes, pulling into the ‘Fry’s Fuel Station’, the wheel fell off. Thankfully, at only 2 or 3 mph in a parking lot, with no one around. The damage looked horrible.

Your service techs started working on the car once we got past the valuation battle with CC. Not only does the car now look fantastic, but while in your shop, your techs extracted a sheared off lug bolt, & re-tapped another bolt hole, that was so damaged it would not allow a new bolt to ‘catch threads’. If your techs had not done so, I would have had to install a pair of new rotors & brake pads. Not being a real mechanic by any means, that would’ve taken me 5-6 hours, “if everything went perfect”, maybe 12 if not!

George, since we met many years ago, Marie & I’ve always been very happy every ( 4-5?) time(s) we did business. Especially this time. The cost was so low, vs. CC’s estimate, that we paid no deductible, & got back over $800! You guys are miracle workers. It was perhaps the best commercial experience of my life! Please put this on your website.



Patrick Schwind, MBA


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