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May 29, 2019

What Will the Collision Landscape Look Like in 10 Years?

What will the automotive collision landscape look like in the future? Hit the link for an in-depth look!
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March 20, 2019

VW: Mixed-steel design requires considering heat, anchoring

VW: Mixed-steel design requires considering heat, anchoring; collision repair moving to “almost a section and replace-only environment."
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January 15, 2019

Ford: Follow OEM repair procedures

The fall 2018 edition of Ford's On Target newsletter explains why an OEM might want collision repairers to rivet-bond their aluminum parts with a combination of a fastener and adhesive rather than pull out a welder.
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August 29, 2018

Ford is expanding its investment in telematics solutions

Ford is investing in telematics which will give fleet managers direct access to “OEM-grade” vehicle data that can be used to improve efficiency and driver behavior:

If you’re a fleet manager, this means that you need to pick a collision repair facility that is factory-certified and able to perform pre- and post-repair scans to ensure all telematics modules function properly.

Please contact us to arrange a tour of our facility to see first hand how we can get your fleet vehicle back on the road after a collision, safe and sound [...]

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