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What is the Chassis and Frame of my Vehicle made from?

What is the Chassis and Frame of my Vehicle made from?

That’s is a tough question to answer, considering what make and model your vehicle is it could be any thing from CS steel or a UHSS Alloy (BOR). The automotive manufacturers are on the front lines of technology and newer vehicles are basically a rolling, top of the line computer. Not your average desktop but a computer that would control the space shuttles re entry into earths atmosphere (I might be exaggerating a little) but it is pretty close! The computer that decides if its necessary to open the airbag makes this decision in 15 to 30 mili-seconds since the impact occurred. The Airbag is completely inflated in just 0.04 seconds from the impact, five times faster that the time needed for an eye to blink (0,2 seconds). Yes its that fast and with the use of Fiber optics and up to 20 different computer modules located in the car, but that is another topic.

This is a list of common steel types used in the automotive industry. Notice the overlap of steels in the different classes?

Standard Steels

  • Commercial steel (CS)
  • Drawing steel (DS)
  • Deep drawing steel (DDS)
  • Interstitial-free (IF)

Mild High-Strength Steels

  • Bake hardenable (BH)
  • Isotropic (IS)
  • Carbon-Manganese (CMn)
  • High-strength low alloy (HSLA)
  • Dual Phase (DP) – Complex phase (CP)
  • Transformation induced plasticity (TRIP)
  • Martensitic (MART)

Ultra High-Strength Steels

  • Dual Phase (DP) – Complex phase (CP)
  • Transformation induced plasticity (TRIP)
  • Martensitic (MART)
  • UHSS alloyed with boron (BOR)


  • Fiberglass
  • Advanced Composites
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Carbon/Kevlar
  • Carbon/Titanium

Thats just the start but here is a few links if you want all the characteristics of each product:

I know you’re wondering why it matters what a vehicle is constructed of, right? Well in fact what your vehicle is constructed of has a big influence on how you will be protected and even how will you be rescued in the event of an accident. When the automotive industry makes changes that will ensure you are safer driving this years model over its predecessor it impacts the whole industry from manufacturing, repairing and even in the event of an accident the extraction of passengers from a vehicle after an accident. Firefighters train and o walk through on ways they may need to extract someone from a vehicle, at that point it is “life and Death” and time matters. This is a website that is dedicated to preparing for that day they may need to save someone who is trapped inside a wrecked vehicle.

Boran Extraction

With all that you can imagine how hard we work to keep up do date with all the new technology manufacturers use to make modern cars safer and safer for the passengers. In the end its your vehicle and your right to choose who repairs it, kinda like Taxes. Would you take your taxes to a barber or someone trained how to do it correctly, then why trust your safety to someone who has not been trained to do the repairs correctly and to the manufacturers specifications.


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