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Ford Certified Collision Repair Provider

Ford Certified Collision Repair Provider Network

โ€œIn addition to providing customers with top-quality vehicle repairs, this new program is designed to meet the needs of both the insurance industry and dealers who want to enhance and improve their current operations,โ€ said Dan Townsend, Ford Certified Collision Repair Provider. โ€œUnder development and testing for the past year-and-a-half, the pilot program presently involves 15 dealers in Southern California and Arizona.โ€


Ford Certified Collision Repair Provider:

  • Ford requires all shops to be I-Car Gold certified and trained to repair the vehicle to maintain future crash worthiness
  • Prioritized use of quality Genuine Ford Replacement Parts
  • Ford F-150 Aluminum certified repair facility
  • The necessary tools and equipment needed to repair your vehicle
  • Skilled repairs along with Genuine Parts help preserve your vehicleโ€™s value
  • Lifetime warranty on complete collision repair **
  • Ford makes a thorough facility analysis and prepares a detailed report to make sure shops are meeting (CCRN) standards
  • Customer survey feedback is provided to shops to ensure the level of customer satisfaction expected
  • Experts inspect each collision repair shop to ensure that they meet tough acceptance criteria
  • During the rigorous certification process, which follows an intensive ten-week training and program implementation stage
    • An independent third party company inspects estimating procedures
    • Repair quality
    • Equipment availability
    • Training levels
    • Mandatory government licenses
    • Customer satisfaction data
  • (CCRN) is also unique in that shops are required to have and use a computerized unibody and frame measuring system, providing both pre-repair and post-repair dimensioning reports tied to the overall process quality control program
  • In an extra step to assure quality repairs the independent experts at the time of certification, perform a detailed formal inspection of three “in process” vehicles
  • Additionally, they rate the attractiveness of the customer waiting areas
  • Organization and lighting levels in shop areas are also evaluated
  • All of these checkpoints, among other criteria, must meet Ford’s standards before shops are certified
  • Finally, to meet ongoing quality control standards, dealers must pass annual CCRN re-certification standards
  • CCRN also requires shops to implement a new process for tracking:
    • Customer satisfaction data
    • Collision Repair Industry INSIGHT, a well-known industry consulting group, worked with key insurers and dealers to develop an expanded CSI program which meets specific requirements
  • The monthly reports track information by:
    • Insurer and key quality trends and targets then compares this information with industry benchmarks
    • This system also immediately “red flags” any concerns or issues


Ford Certified Collision Repair Provider program focuses on providing both vehicle owners and their insurance companies. With a combination of high-quality repairs and high customer satisfaction. One key to success in the pilot phase of the CCRN program is a unique quality control program that provides for an eight-point inspection and quality evaluation during the repair process.

The quality process is put in place as part of extensive on-site training in which all dealers participate prior to certification.
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**When Genuine Ford parts are used.

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