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Infiniti Certified Collision Network

Infiniti Certified Collision Network

Infiniti Certified Collision Network Provider

Facility, including:

  • Infiniti Certified Collision Network
  • Adherence to Infiniti’s strict repair standards
  • Prioritized use of Genuine Infiniti replacement parts
  • Compliance with all vehicle warranties
  • Peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is in professional hands

Showroom Appearance

Being a Infiniti Certified Collision Network tell you we use only Genuine Infiniti collision parts enable technicians to achieve a precise fit because they are created from the same tools that made the original part for your vehicle. So unlike aftermarket parts made from impressions, genuine Infiniti collision parts help return your vehicle to its showroom appearance.

Infiniti Certified Collision Network

Less Time Waiting for Your Vehicle to Be Repaired

Having your vehicle in the shop can be a tremendous inconvenience, so it is important to get it back as quickly as possible. Genuine Infiniti collision parts help shorten repair time because they provide a consistent fit. This is not the case when using some new aftermarket or salvaged parts, which can take more time to install and may require modifications to achieve an acceptable fit.

Infiniti Certified Collision Network

System Integrity

Each part of your vehicle was specifically designed to work together in systems that are rigorously tested to meet exacting Infiniti requirements and government standards. If a non-genuine part is introduced into a vehicle system, it can affect how the system may respond in the future. Using genuine Infiniti collision parts is the best way to ensure that your vehicle continues to provide the superior performance you expect.

Higher Resale Value

Insisting on genuine Infiniti collision parts for repairs is one way to help keep your vehicle looking its best, a key factor in maintaining resale value. On the other hand, using new aftermarket and/or salvaged parts can result in poor quality fit, finish and appearance, which are sure to decrease resale value.

Beware: Your insurance company may authorize use of these parts for repair!

New Aftermarket Parts

Manufacturers create aftermarket parts for Infiniti vehicles by taking measurements and/or impressions of genuine Infiniti parts and making a copy. In many cases, these aftermarket parts are made with different materials than the genuine Infiniti part as a way to reduce costs. For these reasons, aftermarket parts can negatively affect the fit and finish characteristics.

Salvaged Parts

These parts are from vehicles found in salvage yards that are similar to the year and model of your vehicle. Quite often, parts sold by salvage yards come as complete systems or assemblies. This requires the collision repair shop to disassemble, inspect, clean and/or repair the parts prior to being used in the repair, adding to the amount of time your vehicle must be in the shop. Another concern is that although salvaged parts are from a similar year and model vehicle, there is no guarantee of the condition of the part or what environmental conditions it was exposed to while sitting in the salvage yard—factors that can affect performance.

Infiniti Certified Collision Network
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