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Ford Car Ownership Alternative: Canvas

Canvas by FordCanvas is the newest trend in car subscription services offered by the Ford Motor Credit Company.

Canvas is a start-up subsidiary of Ford, based out of San Francisco, California. Canvas is currently offering subscription services to over 600 customers in the Greater Bay Area and West Los Angeles, CA.

Canvas is changing the way consumers purchase and lease vehicles. The company offers it’s customers access to their own vehicle without the commitment of financing or leasing. All monthly subscriptions offered by Canvas include the vehicle, vehicle maintenance, warranty, insurance, registration, and road side assistance. Their mission is to bring flexibility, simplicity, and transparency to the table. The company has even rolled in a 3-day, 100 mile Get-it-Right Guarantee where customers can return the vehicle if it doesn’t suit their preference.BOOK by CadillacPorsche Passport

Ford and Canvas together, are working on creating a true alternative to car ownership for today’s customer, while looking towards the future. Other vehicle manufacturers have implemented similar subscription services for their customers, such as Porsche’s Passport Program and Cadillac’s newest service, BOOK.

What does this mean for the collision repair industry?

For starters it could change the insurance processes with collision repair centers. OEMs could push work to certified body shops – a practice commonly known as “steering in the collision repair world.

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