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Going Green

We are as passionate about protecting our environment as we are about delivering the highest quality of collision repairs. We have taken steps to reduce toxins emitted during the repair process by switching to water based PPG paints, which contain less Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) than solvent borne paints. These paints are not only safer for the environment but also deliver a better color match for your vehicle.

Southwest Collision has also replaced all of our shop lighting to energy efficient CFL lighting. This type of lighting while using 75% less energy than the incandescent equivalent also offers a favorable “daylight” effect in our repair bays.

We have reduced our paper consumption by going paperless when possible. We use recycled paper, tapes and supplies. We recycle any used parts and supplies including steel, aluminum, lead and glass.

By constantly looking for new and better ways to run an environmentally friendly business we have made it our goal to leave a green footprint in Arizona. This is yet another reason why Southwest Collision is the right place to have your vehicle repaired.

Southwest Collision promotes

Cardboard is recycled
Plastic bumpers are recycled
Scrap metal is recycled
Steel and aluminum wheels are recycled
Paint waste is recycled
Fluids such as antifreeze, oil, transmission fluid and power steering fluid are recycled

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