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Nissan GTR Certified Collision Network Provider

Nissan GTR Certified Collision Network Provider

Southwest Collision and Car Care Center is the only Nissan GTR Certified Collision Network Center in all of Arizona! There are around 55,000 collision repair centers in North America Southwest Collision and Car Care Center is one of the less than 1.5% that are Manufacturer/Certified Collision Network. Nissan is only one of the 20 manufacturers that we are factory approved to repair but we are approved to repair “Godzilla”, otherwise known as the Nissan Skyline GTR.


What is does GTR Certified Collision Network Mean?

Being a GTR Certified Collision Network Shop takes time, Time in training our technicians and procuring the equipment designed to be used on Nissan vehicles only, we then took the time to send those techs back to classes and procuring more equipment designed specifically for Nissan flagship street car the GTR. Southwest Collision and Car Care Center is Arizona’s premier GTR Certified Collision Network Facility you get all the advantage of all our certifications. Our technicians are I-Car Platinum certified, our shop is I-Car Gold Certified, as well as ASE certified.

Our factory trained technicians have been trained to repair your GTR back to pre-accident condition by using our specialized equipment and the access we have to how the Nissan engineers want the vehicle repaired This along with using Genuine Nissan OEM parts and paint from start to finish insure your vehicle will look and perform exactly like it did before your accident both cosmetically as well as structurally. The safety of your vehicle is our biggest concern and by meeting Nissan’s strict standards we can insure that you, as a customer will also be satisfied and we can maintain the level of customer service that Nissan expects.


Why use a Nissan GTR Certified Collision Network Facility?

When you purchase Nissan’s flagship street vehicle that has the nickname of “Godzilla”, a vehicle that is one of the most technological vehicles on the road today. At 545 BHP and all wheel drive this vehicle is basically a hi performance computer with wheels that was designed to be driven. You took the time to find one, or even more time to order one in, why would you have just any collision repair shop repair it. Or worse have an insurance company tell you where to have it repaired at? Southwest Collision and Car Care Center has taken the time to train our technicians, acquire the correct equipment, use genuine Nissan OEM parts and gain access to Nissan’s data base for collision repairs to do the repairs as if Nissan had a group of engineers at our shop working on your vehicle. The dedication to repair your vehicle to the factory showroom condition you first purchased your GTR.

At Southwest Collision and Car Care Center we are as passionate about repairing your vehicle to pre-accident condition as you were in purchasing it. That’s why we have over 20 manufacturers certifications, you have your passion and we have ours!

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