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Jaguar Land Rover position statement on Alloy Wheel Repair
Jaguar Land Rover joined other OEMs in November 2018 by issuing a position statement banning all repaired and reconditioned alloy wheels.
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Jaguar Land Rover Limited has released a position statement on alloy wheel repair. The position statement reads:

This Position Statement is issued to address procedures or practices which have come to the attention of Jaguar Land Rover Limited. It either specifically disapproves of or comments on such matters. It does not give approval to or assume responsibility for any such procedures or practices.
The fact that any procedure or practice is not addressed in any Position Statement does not mean that it is approved or the responsibility of Jaguar Land Rover Limited.

Any owner or repairer should refer to Jaguar Land Rover published workshop manuals for maintenance and repair methods. The owner and repairer remain responsible for the professional and proper execution of the maintenance and repairs they carry out.

Jaguar Land Rover has Authorised Bodyshop facilities globally situated strategically to support our customers in the unfortunate event of a collision or other event that requires repair/refurbishment to reinstate the vehicle back to its proper condition.

This position statement refers to repairs carried out on Alloy wheels on all Jaguar Land Rover Vehicles:

Jaguar Land Rover does not support or approve the use of reconditioned wheels or any process that claims to restore damaged wheels or rims on any Jaguar Land Rover vehicle. Use of such wheel or wheels with inferior integrity may compromise safe motor vehicle operation, and may cause loss of control which may result in injury or death, and in many global markets this could lead to criminal prosecution of the supplier or repairer.

Reconditioning of damaged wheels typically involves a process that may include heating, straightening, welding, material removal, reshaping, or re-plating. This process can cause deficiencies in the strength and integrity of the wheel material. Reconditioned wheel and rims do not meet the exacting engineering specifications for Jaguar Land Rover vehicles and this is not a method of repair acceptable to Jaguar Land Rover.

Jaguar Land Rover understands that wheel repairs limited to cosmetic surface sanding and refinish are carried out by retailers and third party companies however there is no approved refinish method verified by engineering. The repairer is solely responsible for any warranty on such repair. Jaguar Land Rover reserves the right to exclude that component or components from any subsequent warranty claim arising from such repair.

Any road wheel near the area of any collision damage should be thoroughly examined to ensure that the wheel is undamaged and meets the original safety specifications and if there is any doubt regarding the integrity of the wheel/s they should be replaced.

Note: All Jaguar Land Rover Authorised Bodyshops are required to have a subscription to TOPIx. TOPIx is continually updated and specific to each model and repair procedure. – Jaguar – Land Rover

Details on how to register and access this information is found using one of the above links.

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