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SWC Adds New Chief Velocity Measuring System

Velocity — The World’s Most Accurate Frame Measuring System

More and more customers and insurance companies are requiring the use of computerized measuring as part of the repair processaAnd Chief Velocity is far and away the most sophisticated – yet simple to learn and operate – system available in the industry today. Fast and easy set-up with full-color, one-page reports on the exact condition of the vehicle’s frame before, during and after repairs have been made for indisputable evidence of damage severity and quality repairs.

Chief’s Velocity is the computer measuring system the industry turns to most. And who can blame them? After all, Velocity’s sophisticated laser technology no only identifies damage you can see — but primary and secondary damage you can’t see — helping your techs develop more efficient repair plans eliminating comebacks and helping you find and get paid for hidden damage.

And Velocity’s durable scanner and high-tech targets eliminate distortion and deliver pinpoint accuracy each time, every time. Its proprietary software helps techs identify incorrect pull set-ups BEFORE they are made to prevent additional damage and speed up the repair process.Just some of the features that make the Chief Velocity such a great asset to have in any collision repair shop.

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