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The Subaru WRX Concept

Do A Walkaround One Of The BEST Designed Cars At The 2013 NEW YORK AUTO SHOW, The Subaru WRX Concept

I would guess that if anyone made it to the basement of the 2013 New York Auto Show, the very first thing that would have struck a chord with anyone that has a pulse would be the Subaru WRX Concept.

It’s really a shame that Subaru is relegated to the basement with the trucks and other stuff NO ONE cares about. The brand should really think about ponying up some bucks to get upstairs next year if they’re going to be producing such stellar products.

Now, the WRX Concept was a mix of the latest Subaru styling cues with a blend of some really forward-thinking concepts. After speaking with several friends in the biz, they all mentioned the WRX being one of their favorites at the entire show.

I would argue that this car was the sleeper of the show, much like the FR-S a couple of years ago that blew us away.

To better understand the thought process behind the all-new concept, take a walkaround with Subaru’s General Manager of Design, Osamu Namba…

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