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What is a Position Statement?

What is a Position Statement?

A positioning statement is an expression of how a given product, service or brand fills a particular consumer need in a way that its competitors don’t. Positioning is the process of identifying an appropriate market niche for a product (or service or brand) and getting it established in that area.

Automotive Position Statements

Automotive Position Statements are used by the manufacturers to issue a document that states their “Position” on a certain subject pertaining to their vehicles, these subjects normally are on the safety of the vehicle. If the subject is about “How to repair a dent” they may or may not issue a “Position Statement” on this, if they do have a position on how they want the repairs done to ensure the safety, warranty, etc they will issue these statements.

Below is a list of “Position Statements” that we have compiled for our certifications.

What Is a a Position Statement?
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