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The Importance of Pre-Purchase & Post-Repair Collision Inspections

A customer recently stopped by Southwest Collision and Car Care Center to have us inspect a newly purchased Cadillac. She had owned the vehicle for just a few short weeks when she began noticing some things just weren’t right. For starters, her trunk storage lid on the interior would no longer close properly and she had issues with loud wind noise on the inside of the SUV. There were also signs of water penetrating through to the interior of the vehicle in the truck area.

The vehicle owner was understandably upset that her new investment was not what she had thought it was. She had attempted to have the local dealer she purchased it from look over the vehicle and make the necessary repairs. Unfortunately, they denied her request. That is when our technicians did their due-diligence and conducted a full vehicle inspection. What we found was quite alarming.

Once the exterior panels of the Cadillac were taken off, it was clear the vehicle had been involved in a prior collision and had significant repairs done to restore it. However, much of the work was done less than par and the structural integrity and safety of the vehicle had been compromised. Corners were cut on the collision repair and the manufacturer collision repair guidelines were not followed.

The Outcome

Ultimately, after showing the customer our findings she had more leverage to solve her car dilemma. With our inspection report and documented photos of the bad repairs, the dealer had no choice but to refund the woman full price for her Cadillac.

The Takeaway

Even though a vehicle looks pristine on the outside, does not necessarily mean its mechanics and structural body is in the same condition. Which is why pre-purchase inspections by a third party is so important during the car buying process.  Thanks to our certified techs, we have one more dangerous vehicle taken off the road, and one more happy customer on it.

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Important Safety Information all Vehicle Owners Should be Aware of:

Most vehicle manufacturers place back up and blind spot sensors as well as air bag deploy sensors inside the bumper and within the side panels of a vehicle. When a collision occurs these safety detection systems can be compromised. It is therefore mandatory that only OEM replacement parts be used to ensure these safety features function as a cohesive system as they should per the manufacturer specifications. In the most recent case of our Cadillac owner, the prior collision repair center did not check her safety sensors, which were destroyed in the past collision, putting her and her passengers at serious risk had she been in another accident.

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